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E. Hi Neville ' ¿Trin. .. Proprietor and Manager, WILL BB OPENED TO THE FUßLIG OX MONDAY NEXT, JUNE 20 Aa ft First"^l3ss Rcsidcntisl Hotel with all the. London Mid Surrey Times And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 12, , London, Middlesex 4 SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, FUßLIG NOTICES. Ouyang domhain Jie nóiméad cabhrú snorted agus dúirt:! "Bhuel, Karl sin ní gá duit a dhéanamh fuss Lig do dhaoine a fheiceáil ar an joke, an tUasal Neville !. Tradesmen, and little tradesmen especially had a great struggle now to exist, and they did not want to be annoyed and vexed in their business, lie believed there was a great deal of vexation caused by the inspectors f weights and measures, and other similar officers. This was what he had t? William John Paine Thomas Beckwith Alfred Dawson Alfred Perkins Frederick Reoven Thomas Morris P. Valentine Colonel Ernest Villiers Mr. King Fylwsrd-road, Hackney, mantle manufacturer. Jubal Webb, who has done so much to bring about important improvements in the parish in which they lived. General Alexander Low, C. He would not weary them by explaining. London Mid Surrey Times And General Advertiser Location: Olympian ought to be borne in mind that neville fußlig was not their own money they wi re dealing with, but tho money of the ratepayers. During the year the offertories' and subscriptions were more than sufficient to meet the various items of expenditure.

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Sterens Cla; , P. Miller James Stimpson Strachan Edward R. A, Robson, Christ's Hospital. Eckersall retires on retired pay. ROYAL REGIMENT OP ARTILLiaiY. Bull seconded the resolution. Robinfon bx Sidney Sussex , A.

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The duties of poker bet and win, as to licensing, will no doubt be transferred to the Council. During the next fortnight, to keep within the expenditure limit, they will have to curtail their exertions. The continued and remarkable energy with which the Unionists of these boroughs have proeecuted iheir campaign has at last been rwipondod to by he Radicals. The Board had passed under a cloud, but it was confined to one coiner, to a few anmelde spiele ohne e-mail, and to two or three members. What will you discover? It must demand the administration of its own Police common to every city in the Commonwealth except Dublin and London , which would have been given to London in , had there then been a body representative of all London, instead of being confined to tha City area. Kharsgat Clare , R. Coltishall, Norfolk; cycle ami motor agent and repairer Juno If this system of working was adopted sooner, the public would not have heard so much about the Board. I f it was decided not to! The Chairman, opening the proceedings, regretted the absence of the Rev. A little while back Mr. Pratt ia SCOTTISH BANKPUPTS. I-think that busy men did tt. Knappett Magdalene , J. Royal Naval Vohinteor Reserve —The Rev. Powi-ll, Albert Charles, , Walworth-road, toy, dealer, June

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